Tiga Kekuatan Utama

Trusted cloud service consultant and a reputable Software Development Company.


PT. Tiga Kekuatan Utama was established to bring positive change for your business through the development of cloud technology. We cooperate with various reputable organizations around the world to provide the best solutions which assist you to escalate your progress.

We work with client base to develop innovative technology solutions to business challenges. We facilitate companies and education institution to implement cloud computing system with the best support from the experts.

Our Values

MISSION: As the world is getting even more global and digitized, it brings us to the unprecedented speed of changes, resulting a tight competition between one business to another. This inevitable evolution require us to keep up with the current development to stay one step ahead in the game. We notice that transformation to the latest technology like cloud environment, has a tremendous impact on how IT services are delivered to your business.

VISION: We design, deliver, deploy and support a holistic, cutting-edge suite of best-of-breed technologies. This allows organizations to leverage Information Technology to achieve new levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and collaboration. Through years of experience and strategic partnerships with countless business organizations, We have developed methodologies that lead to solutions that don't just get the job done, but improve processes which give enterprises the maximum competitive edge. As business professionals ourselves we recognize that business rules and practices must dictate how technological solutions are used; not the other way around..


What we offer

Cloud Expert & Service Solutions

Our cloud solution expert team will help you improving business performance through the integration of cloud-based business software.

Innovative Cloud Devices

Introducing a series of Chrome devices running a Chrome OS developed by Google as a new type of computer which brings the best of Google at your fingertips.

Website & Application

We provide web design and development rooted in creativity in technical expertise with a flexible web structure to support an expanding business.

Customer Service Management

We facilitate you with our support team to help and provide the best solution for any questions or problems you experience while using our Cloud products or services.


Through comprehensive analysis, we provide you the best cloud computing solutions with the most reliable hardware and software.

After-sales Support

You will be facilitated with full customers support that can be contacted easily. If you find any trouble, our expert team will get it done quickly and effectively.


What we have created


Gajah Mada Stone

Website & Sales Management App

New York

Vita Nova

Sales Tool Kit Web App

San Francisco

Caleg Digital

Calon Legislatif Web Application

What our customers say


Choose a payment plan that works for you

Custom Application Development

We can help building customize web or Android applications / apps development to meet your organization’s need. Let us know how you want to accelerate your business as we provide the solutions.

E-Commerce Platform

Grow your business and sell your products online using E-Commerce platform the custom design based on your business needs.

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Optimization

We help grow your company into a customer-focused organization by automating day-to-day business activities and gain complete visibility of your sales cycle so that you pcan get the most to your business.


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